Are you happy? Like right now?

July 30, 2010

I read a blog called Eat Live Run and today she posed the simple question,

                              “are you happy?” 

She said specifically that she meant the question to be answered about the moment, about today, not the big picture question of your life and your path… just simply are you happy right now? Hmmmm… that is a question that I never ask. Why? Well I am always stressing about my path and my future and what will make me happy eventually but I disregard the present as unimportant.  Who cares if I am happy now when one day it will all be worth it and I will be blissful?  Well guess what?  It is always going to BE the present and it will never BE the future.  Why worry about later, all the while sacrificing the now? Wow I think that’s what this is all about, huh? So, am I happy right now? Well I sure as hell ain’t sad today, and that is awesome!

I don’t love my job, but it works for now.  I am a bit lonely but I am fortunate to have some really fabulous friends and supportive family.  It’s Friday and I get to lounge about for two whole days. I have money in the bank and my bills are already paid. I have the two cutest dogs that ever walked the planet, and they worship me. I have an amazing view from my desk of the most beautiful fully bloomed orchid and I have some Sabra hummus with pita chips as a snack today, so I would say that’s sounds like a pretty good day. Yes I am happy right now. This very minute. There may not be anything else, so don’t waste it!


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