I am so happy for you… really!

July 29, 2010

So I just found out that one of my friends who I haven’t talked to in while has a new boyfriend.  This news was like a punch to the gut and now I feel sick to my stomach.  I realize that this is by no means a normal healthy reaction to happy news.  Let me back up and explain this friend.  She is the one friend that I could count on to be alone like me! I felt a deep kinship with her because we have always shared a common inability to be in/maintain a relationship.  Having her as a friend, I have always felt like I wasn’t so different, and that even though I know I am completely dysfunctional, I wasn’t alone in my aloneness.

And now the bitch went and got a boyfriend.

As I realize that not everything is about me, I have to ask “how could she do this to me?”! I mean now the dysfunction has to be addressed because I am once again alone in my inability to be a normal person. I am so sick of analyzing myself! Geez… I mean they are dropping like flies, and by “they” I mean the neurotic, self involved single people that I have surrounded myself with as a means to feel better about my own short comings. Are these people getting help on the sly? I mean seriously? Is there some group therapy that I didn’t get invited to? God it better be my turn next. And I will try not to be an asshole about it when it happens… but chances are if I make enough progress as a human being, that another person wants to spend all their free time listening to my bullshit, well then I kind of have to act superior, huh?


One Response to “I am so happy for you… really!”

  1. Katie O said

    Wait, did I get a boyfriend without knowing it?! I thought I was the one friend you could count on to be alone like you???? 😉

    Don’t worry. There’s still a few of us lone wolf bitches out there howling at the moon. But I promise not to growl too much when your mate finally shows up. In fact, I can’t wait to meet him!

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