Ditching your ego…

July 8, 2010

I wish I could lose my ego.  I think it is the biggest barrier stopping happiness from entering my life.  I wish I could stop caring about what people think of me, about being the best at things, about thinking I have to impress people or that people need to see me as a girl that can do it all.  What do I care? I hate that I don’t ask questions because I don’t want people to think I am stupid. I hate that I am so concerned with other people’s thoughts! I don’t know everything and I make mistakes and do and say things without thinking. Everyone does.  If I could just live in the moment and focus on my present self then maybe all of these defenses that I cling to will fall away… and maybe I can really just be.  Not worrying about being successful… just doing things because they feel good. Learning things because I want to… and telling people how I feel about them without fear that they will reject. If I can ditch the ego even for a few hours a day, there may just be hope for me yet.


One Response to “Ditching your ego…”

  1. Katie O said

    I so hear you on this one! My sense of pride and defensiveness keep me from doing so many things…

    That spiritual advisor I saw this spring (Julie Zipper) offered up an insight I really liked. She suggested that instead of rejecting your ego, you focus on loving it, being tender and patient with it as an essential part of your “human-ness”… She likes to picture gently putting your ego in the passenger seat of your life, while your higher self takes the wheel. I can hear myself saying, “C’mon, little ego, let’s go for a drive! But stop trying to navigate; you don’t have the best sense of direction. Buckle up!”

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