What could have been…

July 1, 2010

Oh how I wish it was 1958 and we were basking in the sun on a coast somewhere.  Spending the afternoon laughing and gossiping and eating sandwiches that we brought with us wrapped in wax paper.  We could play all day, getting golden brown without the fear of sun damage. Then when the sun starts to set we would get gussied up in our finest dresses, and wear beatiful red lipstick and go out on a dates with our steadies. We would go have a burger and a malt because we wouldn’t be scared of real food.  We would laugh and dance and end the night sitting on a blanket on the beach watching the stars and dreaming of what our grown up lives would be like.  This all sounds so lovely… except one problem for me… I would have been forced to wear the thickest, most unattractive glasses in the world! No thanks! I may dream of being Gidget or Annette but the sad reality is that I would have been the ugly duckling nerd of the group and as we all now, Boys don’t make passes at girls who wear glasses! Thank god for technology and Lasik eye surgery…

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