Meatless Monday

January 18, 2010

So for several months now I have participated in Meatless Monday. The basic idea is to cut out meat one day a week in order to reduce meat consumption and in turn improve the health of people and the planet. When I first started this I thought it would prove a little difficult, but I was wrong. I certainly don’t miss meat on Mondays and actually look forward to it each week as a day where I experiment with new veggie recipes! Unfortunately, I have not been to the grocery store for the week and have to make due with items I have on hand (and if you know me you realize that I probably have enough food for a 12 course meal in my pantry alone. I have a grocery shopping addiction and an irrational need to have a fully stock pantry at all times) Anyway, tonight I will dig through the supplies and come up with a delicious meal… I will be back after dinner to share the results!


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